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Stratford, ON

Custom jewellery design studio in Stratford Ontario Canada specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelry by Design Brenda Radford, designer goldsmith



Her unique works of art are thoughtfully created and exquisitely crafted.
— Ann Jackson

With each of the three pieces she has created for us, Brenda has shown her design skills and high standards. We look forward to having her create a fourth!
— Chip and Barb Vallis

We had the delightful experience of having custom designed pendants made for a number of members of our family. Brenda had wonderful design ideas, showed incredible patience and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We would recommend her without reservation.
— Alan and Chris Bromstein

Custom jewelry fulfills various needs and desires. There are those who want something unique designed for a loved one or for oneself, those who want an art piece that incorporates a prized talisman, those who just prefer jewelry that is different from the readily accessible styles in most jewelry stores, those who want something similar to an existing style but with specific personal design preferences. A custom jewelry project is a collaboration between the designer and the client. I enjoy getting to know my clients.

With custom designed jewelry your diamonds and gemstones are hand picked just for you. You receive virtual art images of your designs, shown in white, yellow or rose gold as you wish, making it easier to choose your preferred gold colour. You are able to make design changes before you give your approval to begin a project. 

Did you know that you look better in a certain size of pearl? or in a certain type of drop earring? or a certain length of necklace that is not the standard? Did you know that your finger suits a certain width of ring? Because custom means made for you, necklaces are made to the length that suits you, rings are made to fit and look good on your finger, bracelets are made for your wrist and earrings are the right size and length for your proportions.

Custom doesn’t always mean more expensive, either. Certainly, there is more time spent on your design and your specific needs, but you may choose your materials from a wider range of options, qualities and prices to suit your budget.