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Stratford, ON

Custom jewellery design studio in Stratford Ontario Canada specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelry by Design Brenda Radford, designer goldsmith



Brenda is very creative with a natural flair for design. I brought her some old pieces of jewelry and she immediately came up with ideas for combining them into exciting new creations
— Cathy Smith

Brenda is attentive, a great listener, warm, friendly, and good at interpreting personality and design matching!
— Janette Gryba

Always a pleasure to work with her! I love everything she has designed for me!!
— Cathy Smith

Clients often ask me if I have any suggestions about what they can do with their old jewelry with various diamonds and gemstones they no longer wear, or that they inherited and will never wear, but perhaps want to keep if made into pendant or bracelet instead of rings in a more contemporary or classic design. I always say “Bring it all to the studio and I’ll have a look.” This is how custom redesign was born. The redesign practice has led me to create some of the most beautiful, on trend jewels for everyday wear, as well as classic heirloom pieces that are worn on special occasions and passed down to family members. 

One of my signature collections, called “Starry Sky” was inspired out of custom redesigns of old diamond rings that clients, wanting to keep and wear their mother’s, aunts’ and grandmother’s diamonds, brought to the studio. For those who don’t want a diamond ring that looks like an engagement ring, the Starry Sky sleek band ring or hinged bangle bracelet are new ways to wear diamonds in a casual but polished manner, and look like the perfect accessory with jeans or business attire or evening dress.

Sometimes a piece is no longer worn because the centre stone is broken, chipped or abraded. With a little love, even unwearable but nostalgic jewelry can be brought back to life or can assume a new life. A stone can be recut, repolished, or replaced.

The gold from old jewelry can be reused to add to the new creation, or it can be smelted and sold, with the money put towards the cost of the new piece.