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Stratford, ON

Custom jewellery design studio in Stratford Ontario Canada specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelry by Design Brenda Radford, designer goldsmith


Custom jewelry online store. Shop for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings created by Brenda Radford, jewellery designer. Gold, silver, pewter, diamonds and gemstones in unique designs and limited edition collections. 


A Jewelry Collection takes time, patience, and ingenuity to create. I don’t usually plan a collection in advance; it happens organically somewhere between the inspiration that I feel while playing around sketching ideas from my head, and the realization I have when I test drive the finished piece for comfort and functionality and it receives a lot of interest and attention.

The decision to turn a finished piece into a collection brings with it a new set of tests. I determine how the piece can be created and produced in larger numbers while at the same time reducing labour costs and maintaining the quality of each piece. I make sure that I can source my materials that might include gemstones, pearls, chain, and clasps in quantity. I consider how the piece might translate into other jewelry forms - earrings to necklace or bracelet or ring. 

Inspiration for my designs comes from something in nature I might have seen on my morning walk, or it might come from some architectural detail I noticed, or a shape I drew that sparks my imagination, or perhaps something in my inventory of gemstones that draws me in and inspires. Inspiration comes from everywhere. It develops into a jewelry design through repeated and thoughtful iterations on paper. This leads to the creation of a model, or perhaps a number of more and more refined models, and then to a finished piece, and then to the tests for production. A production mould is made for multiples to be cast and the production begins. Components are cleaned and polished at the same time, in batches. They are soldered in groups, assembled in production and finished together. Clasps and joints are all tested for quality and reliability. Appropriate packaging is selected for the new collection.