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Stratford, ON

Custom jewellery design studio in Stratford Ontario Canada specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelry by Design Brenda Radford, designer goldsmith

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Italian Fun, Fashion and Food

Brenda Radford

Breakfast in Milan. Can't beat that gorgeous farm egg colour. Outside it was rainy but our outlook was sunny as we hit the cobblestones with a mission for fashion. 


As usual, Motherdaughter Europe is blooming magical. We were so fortunate and delighted to be looked after by three Italian stylists who confidently outfitted me to the nines with beautiful fashion and provided us with a number of places for delectable eating. 


My number one stylist, daughter Victoria! 


The making of Italian Brenda. So fun.  



Discussing fashion, makeup and jewelry collections overlooking the Duomo at dinner. Inspired by Milan!