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Stratford, ON

Custom jewellery design studio in Stratford Ontario Canada specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelry by Design Brenda Radford, designer goldsmith

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Brenda Radford

In preparation for our strenuous walking at COSMOPACK and COSMOPROF, we thought we would indulge in fish therapy! These little guys enthusiastically removed all the dead skin from our feet, which was amazing, but the best part was the laugh therapy, a side effect we got from the hilarity of the situation (and the art on the walls). 


Spring has sprung in Italy. What a treat for two Canadian women in The month of March.  


Victoria was able, in two days, to find access to everything she needs for building her skin and makeup line. We had business meetings with old and new contacts in order to find the innovative formulas and packaging we were looking for. 


We were honoured to be invited to this Italian mansion for a traditional seven course dinner for about 100 people, given by the owner of HCT. He really knows how to say thank you to his clients. It was amazing in every way!


Enjoying time with our new friends at HCT for a night out.  Italian style. Dessert was served at midnight. 


This elegant, painted coffered ceiling over our dinner table had to be photographed.